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A citizens action group was formed in mid-August 2011 following the draining of Glade Run Lake that resulted in a series of grassroots activities and led to the formation of Glade Run Lake Conservancy (GRLC) The group developed its Mission, Values, and Bylaws.  GRLC has a Board of Directors consisting of four officers and five directors.  Officers and directors are the only voting members of the organization.

Application as a nonprofit charitable 501(c)(3) organization is under development in accordance with federal and state laws.  The organization has already received its Employee Identification Number (EIN).  GRLC’s near-term goal is to reclaim and preserve the dam and lake, but longer term to work towards creating vibrant habitats for the fish and other wildlife, improving facilities, and developing handicap accessibility.  

GRLC officers have made presentations to townships and boroughs in the local area informing them of GRLC and asking for their support. In addition, GRLC will be seeking support from businesses, corporations, foundations, conservancies, and endowments in an effort to save the lake. Many businesses have already offered initial support in a number of ways.  Part of the group’s initiative is to secure local, county, state, and federal grant money available for the Glade Run Lake project.  GRLC is working cooperatively with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) who will be a major partner in helping to reclaim and preserve our lake.  

An initial website (savegladerunlake.com) and Facebook page were established last summer. Since then the volunteer team has worked on a number of projects including:

        •  Conducting a “save the lake” petition drive , which yielded more than

            2,000 signatures across 20 counties.  A letter-writing campaign to 

            state and local officials dovetailed with the petition drive.

        •  Selecting a GRLC logo which reflects the beauty of the lake area and our 


        •  Creating an informational brochure and PowerPoint presentations.

        •  Establishing an improved website gladerunlakeconservancy.org

        •  Submitting an article for the Middlesex Township newsletter.

        •  Initiating a membership/donation drive. Donation levels are:

   $25    Bullfrog
$50    Turtle
   $100   Osprey
$250  Heron
     $500  Big Bass
$1,000 Eagle  

Members will hear about upcoming GRLC activities and demonstrate to donors and government officials the strong community support for the lake.  


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