A lake is the landscape’s most beautiful and expressive feature. 
It is the earth’s eyes, looking into which the beholder treasures
the depth of his own nature.

--Henry David Thoreau
(John Patrus found this inspiring quote
on the railing of the tower overlooking Lake Erie
at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center)

Sad About Lake's Demise
(Letter to Butler Eagle) 

Local fishermen are watching with great sorrow as their favorite fishing spot, Glade Run Lake, is being drained.
This lake has been much more than a place to fish.  It has allowed many to become friends with people who share their common interests.
These fishermen congregated at the "handicap pier"--the End of the Pier Gang.  Many of them fished daily.  They woke up routinely before the sun rose to beat the others to their fishing spot at the end of the pier.  These guys know all the people who came to Glade Run regularly and treated them as one of the gang.
The gang talked about everything from the royal wedding to local news, and sometimes played a game of TV trivia.
Of course, we talked about fishing more than anything.
With stories from a retired steelworker, a glass plant worker, a garbage man, a truck driver, a retired doctor and a bunch of other regulars, there always was plenty to talk about, combined with the constant competition of who caught the most fish.
We have been lucky enough to fish next to people with all sorts of great stories and tales.  For instance, one gent told stories of his escape from war-torn Hungary during World War II.  Another told us the family stories of his ancestors as slaves in America.
There were stories from a veteran who told of his career as a medical doctor in the service.  We even were lucky enough to sit next to a former Russian paratrooper who told his stories in very broken English.
At this seemingly small lake, I even met world travelers from China.
The lake brought fun and adventure for everyone, especially kids who fished with their parents.  Their eyes lit up when they saw any fisherman catch a fish, no matter the size.
My children grew up learning to fish at this lake, and until now I saw others who were teaching their children.
Many locals also used the lake for relaxation and exercise.  Usually, they would check in with the fishermen to see what was going on, as they walked around the lake with children or pets.
Must everything come to an end?  It remains my hope that it is not the end for this lake.
Glade Run has meant much more to this community than just a place to fish.  I'm still hopeful that money can be found to fix the dam, or Butler County will be losing an incredible place.
I hope Glade Run Lake will be fixed and saved.
Robert Cooper
Penn Township
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