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Become a GRLC Member

The membership dues are a one year term.  Dues will be used exclusively to fund initiatives to promote and support the lake recovery. 

Interested in organizing a fundraiser for the lake?  See the guidelines and policy here.

Become a GRLC Volunteer

In order for GRLC to be effective, we need many people working together toward our common goal: RESTORING and IMPROVING THE LAKE.  You can help by sharing your time and talents.  


          GRLC Get Involved Rap

The PFBC says Glade Run Dam is defective
And they need lots of cash to get it corrected


So now we have formed a 501(c)3

To begin to collect the money that we need

We’re seeking many people who really care

We cannot let this great lake disappear

Lots of folks must work to get the job done

So please join our cause, you’ll do good and we'll have won!         

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