Dedicated to the restoration, ongoing preservation and improvement of Glade Run Lake and its adjacent lands.  It encourages the use of Glade Run Lake and lands for outdoor recreation and environmental conservation and education.

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Glade Run Lake Opens April 12, 2017
Filling up the lake has begun, but it will be an extended process.  An earthen dam depends in part on the dam being saturated with water to provide weight and strength. Therefore, the Fish and Boat Commission will be filling the lake slowly and taking measurements from the test wells along the back of the dam.  How long this process takes depends on many factors but don’t despair, the lake will be refilled and be back even better than before!

Fish stocking will occur on April 5th and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony will be 
April 12th, from
11 am to 12 pm.

Mark your calendars for these events during "Glade Run Week"

  • April 8th: "Youth Mentoring Fish Day"... kids get to fish with a supervised adult.  Go to The Fish and Boat Commission website to find more information on this fun activity.
  • April 8th:"Open House" at the Middlesex Fire Hall.  7 pm and Free!              Speakers to include State Senator Randy Vulakovich, Civil and Environmental  Consultant (CEC) David Parise, GRLC Board member, David Fowler and  GRLC President, Siggy Pehel. Also, a special drone video presentation by  Reid Joyce.  
  • April 12th: "Ribbon Cutting Ceremony "  from 11 am to 12 pm.

  •  Open Trout Fishing - April 15th.  

Mark your calendars and celebrate.

                      GLADE RUN LAKE IS BACK!!!!!!

           Groundbreaking at Glade Run Lake
                        Restoration Begins!!
                                                       October 15, 2015

Construction begins on the dam.

Getting ready for our fish!

In the News:

"Glade Run Lake on the way back"
Butler Eagle, October 16, 2015
"Glade Run Lake restoration project is approved," 
Cranberry Journal, February 4, 2015.

Bald Eagle Sighted at Glade Run Lake!
Read the Cranberry Eagle article about the birds of the lake
Read the Butler Eagle article about the birds


Read the reports in the Butler Eagle and the Tribune Review.
What Senator Vulakovich says about the funding.
What Senator White says about the funding.
What Senator Hutchinson says about the funding.

Governor Corbett announces funding to concerned GRLC members and lake supporters
at Glade Run Lake 

GRLC President Siggy Pehel thanks GRLC members and other supporters of the lake.

Some people who have made a difference!
Donate a few hours for the Lake: Find out how you can offer a few hours of "in kind" service over the next year and help GRLC get matching grant money for the Lake. Here's how

Interested in organizing a fundraiser for the lake?  See the guidelines and policy here.

GRLC thanks the following townships for their endorsement:

Adams                   Indiana         
Buffalo                   Jefferson
Butler                    Middlesex
Clinton                   West Deer

Get Involved.....Help GRLC enhance the lake.

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