Lake History

Land records indicate that in 1954 and 1955 a total of 12 tracts of land in Middlesex Township, Butler County, PA, totaling approximately 145 acres were purchased for $29,000 with Dingell-Johnson funds (Dingell-Johnson funds are federal aid money for projects of this nature). These lands bordered Glade Run. Although the 12 tracts of land were purchased with federal dollars, records in the Butler County Recorder of Deeds office show that the land was directly transferred and deeded from the landowners to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Purpose and Acquisition 

The purpose of the acquisition as stated in Federal Aid Project Agreement F-3-L-1 titled "Glade Run Lake and Dam Site" is as follows: 

"To acquire land necessary to construct dam and provide lake for public fishing in an area having one and three fourths million people within a 25 mile radius. Acquisition will also include land necessary for complete control of land and accommodation of public." 

The Acting Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, O. H. Johnson, approved the project agreement on behalf of the Secretary of the Interior on March 18, 1954. Although the deeds to the tracts of land are in the hands of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, according to the original agreement between the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the federal government, permission must be obtained from the federal government regarding any attempt to alter or change the original intent of the land or dispose of it.

On April 29, 1954, O. H. Johnson  further approved Federal Aid Project Agreement F-4-D-1 titled "Glade Run Lake and Dam" in the amount of $93,535. The purpose of the project was:
"To clear a lake site and construct a dam to provide public fishing in an area of heavy human population. To build 1200 feet of entrance road and 800 feet of maintenance road."

Construction and First Opening Day 

Site preparation and construction of the dam began in fall 1954, and the dam and lake site were completed in March 1955. Stop logs were placed in the dam spillway to create the lake on March 15, 1955, and the lake began to fill. The impoundment amounted to about 51 acres.  

Trout were first stocked in the lake on April 7, 1955, and water was going over the spillway by April 15, 1955, the opening day of the lake!

On opening day of trout in 1955 it was shoulder-to-shoulder around the lake with an estimated 8,000 anglers present.

PA Fish & Boat Commission (PFBC) Oversight and Improvements 

The Property Department of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has designated PFBC to safeguard the well-being of the lake and maintain the grounds around the lake. The PFBC is a department of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  PFBC is funded almost entirely through fishing license fees and boat registration fees.  PFBC receives very few tax dollars, if any.  All PFBC rules and regulations apply to Glade Run Lake, including fishing license requirement.

To prevent contamination of the lake, no gasoline motors or other devices using petroleum products are permitted on the lake. Electric trolling motors are allowed. Although the lake’s primary purpose is fishing, kayaking and sail boating are welcomed.

Since 1955, a number of improvements have been made, including construction of a boat launch ramp and fishing pier and upgrades to the parking area.

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