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Check out memories and commentaries about Glade Run Lake.  Do you have a good fish story? Contact Us.  See other photos and comments on Facebook.

Here's Doug Barbin's story:

“I learned to fish at Glade Run Lake when I was three years old. It always had a special place for me, where I would go just to relax. When I was five years old I lost my first lure my dad ever bought me. I felt horrible back then about it. After the lake was drained, I was walking in the bed remembering all of the memories I had over the years there. When, low and behold, I saw something partly covered in mud sticking out of the lake bed. I pick it up and there in my hands was the first Rapala I ever owned--39 years after I lost it. I plan on putting hooks back on it and making my first cast back in the lake with it after the lake is refilled and then will retire it to a clear container for memory’s sake."

Here are other lake stories:

"Local fisherman are watching with great sorrow as their favorite fishing spot, Glade Run Lake, is being drained.  This lake has been much more than a place to fish.  It has allowed many to become friends with people who share their common interests..."
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Remembering Glade Run Lake (poem)

Sad About Lake's Demise (letter to the Butler Eagle)

                                          If people concentrated on the really important things in life, 

                                               there'd be a shortage of fishing poles. (Doug Larson)

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