Remembering Glade Run Lake

When I was just a little girl

On my daddy’s knee

He’d bring me out to Glade Run Lake

To see what we could see

The safety of the gentle


As we glided in our canoe

With such calm, peaceful movement

It was an easy thing to do

The honking of the goose and gander

Sights and songs of varied birds

The chirping of the crickets

Were sounds we often heard

Watching excited children
As they caught their first small fish

Or aged, grey haired anglers


Who made a special wish

That they could get the big one

And proudly show their prize

To all their fellow fisherman

Who’d want to know its size

Big Boy Billy Bass

My name is Big Boy Billy Bass
It’s really hard to swim in grass
It was really a lot less harder
When I was swimming in the water

I remember when I tried to float
I got run over by a boat
I really hope for goodness sake
You get the water back in the lake

If you people don’t get on the track
We may never get our water back
So for goodness sake
Help us save our Glade Run Lake

As it is our biggest mission
To work with the Fish & Boat Commission
If you don’t fix that dam crack
I may drop doo-doo on your back

I am an amphibious flying machine
To take away our water is just plain mean
When I look down from the sky
I see our lake has gone bye-bye

If you don’t want a bird attack
You will put the water back
I hope I am not misunderstood
We may just leave the lake for good

So please grant our humble wish
Or you will have no birds or fish
Glade Run Lake is quite a haven
So why don’t you become a Glade Run Lake maven



These are memories I’ll always treasure

Of my dad and family

The happy times of long ago

Of things that used to be

We were given such a joyous place

To share all the wonders of nature

We cannot let it slip away

We need to try and capture

Once more those special times

That boating, fishing, and hiking make

To see again turtles, birds, and fish

At our dear Glade Run Lake

So now we look to the future

And keep our hopes alive

That many will work for this great cause

To help Glade Run Lake revive

For our children and their children 

Deserve no less than this

That we restore the beauty

Of this lake we sorely miss      

I think draining the lake was a great crime
Let’s hurry and get our animals back in time
I’m sure this would be your very wish
If you were a bird or fish

Now that all the water’s gone
There’s not so much as even a pond
The wetlands below the dam are drying
And all the little inhabitants are dying

The wood on the spillway is really drying
This is really the time for crying
And about the dam breast
You can say it’s just a mess

The fishing pier goes unused
And even the fish are singing the blues
The parking lot is very empty
But the grass is cut where I sat on my butt

The boat ramp is unused
Even the boaters are singing the blues
The ducks and geese they do not know
Where the heck did Glade Run Lake go

Since there is no kayak here
Some people feel the end is near
Where the water used to be
We have a sea of grass as far as you can see

As the breeze blows across the abandoned lake
Help us save this lake for goodness sake












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